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  Fromeco Super Sahara Regulator
  Manufacturer: Fromeco Scale Avioncs
  Product: Fromeco Super Sahara Regulator
  Applications: Voltage Regulation
  Output: 4.9~6.2Vdc
  Current Rating: 25A
  Connector: Deans Ultra (16AWG)
  Weight: 2.5 oz.
  Special Option: Fail-safe On/Off Soft Switch
  Oversized: No

This all new Super Sahara Regulator by Fromeco is just about the most amazing, highest current rating linear regulators on the market today. The Super Sahara is specifically designed to operate at Hhgh delta V, pass high currents, and dissipate more heat than any comparable regulators out there. The Super Sahara has a continuous current rating of 25 amps and is perfect for a fully 8711, or 5955 outfitted 35% to 40% airplane. This ultra-high current handling capacity makes it an excellent choice for the new super-high-torque, power-hungry digital servos in todays market.

  • High delta V, high current linear regulator
  • Heat sink design
  • 4.9~6.2Vdc adjustable output
  • 25A continuous output, highest ever
  • Computer-grade electric cooling fan to keep device cool and current flow high.
  • Heavy-duty 16AWG wire & Deans Ultra connector
One of the key element that makes up for Super Sahara's awesome performance is the performance-specific design of its heat sink. As always Fromeco's heat sinks are proprietary designs of their own that are custom CNC milled out of billet Aluminum. The new Super Sahara heat sink is extremely efficient, allowing for maximum cooling in all weather conditions world wide.

The Super Sahara is available in only one wiring configuration; Deans Ultra plug with 16AWG lead on both input and output. Anything less with diminish its high current-handling capability.

  • Optional Pin & Flag fail-safe switch
Sahara also offers an extremely flexible yet optional feature to add a regulator output On/off control soft switch, in the form of a flag-pin. Simply order the option at the time of your order, or add it later to turn your Sahara into a switch-control regulator.

Attention ..... Proper Usage of Flagged Pull Pin

The Sahara Regulator employs an on-board active circuit to sense the position of the flagged pull pin in determining the ON or OFF state of its 'electronic' switch. When Super Regulated ReliaSwitch is in the OFF state, the on-board sensing circuit is still drawing approximately 3mA from the connected battery to keep the sensing circuit alive. To prevent the circuit from overdischarging the attached lithium-ion pack, please exercise the following cautions;

  • Disconnect your lithium-ion pack from the regulator at the end of every flying day.
  • If you do not intend to fly for more than one week, be sure to disconnect your lithium pack from RelisSwitch.

Fromeco Super Sahara Regulator, Deans Part No.: FSPSHR-DN SALE: $69.00
Fromeco Pin & Flag Soft Switch Part No.: FPFSW SALE: $7.50

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