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  Fromeco Wolverine Dual Switch System
  Manufacturer: Fremeco Scale Avionics
  Prodcut: Wolverine Dual Switches System
  Applications: RX Power Switches
  Connector Schemes: Std. Servo Type or Deans Ultra
  Wire Gauge: 22 AWG or 14 AWG
  Contact: Gold Plated
  Special Feature: Built-in Charge Jack
  Oversized: No

The new Fromeco Wolverine Switch will change the way you approach your aircraft setup.

  • Two solid-state 'failsafe' style switches
  • Two battery charge jacks
  • Advance battery sharing (redundancy) circuitry
..... all incorporated into one convenient package.

Measuring just 63mm (2.5in.) from mounting hole to mounting hole, Wolverine is only 3/4 the length of two JR-style mechanical switches placed end-to-end. At 0.6oz (17g) it is also considerably lighter.

Wolverine has two battery inputs and can be used with any battery type with a voltage up to 10VDC. Each battery input feeds its own 'FailSafe' type switch circuit, the same kind used for Fromeco's Badger Switch. Each switch circuit is rated at 15A, and is completely independent of the other. Power then flows to Fromeco's power sharing circuits, which are also completely redundant.

One added benefit of Wolverine is that it allows you to use batteries of different capacities to power the flight system, as long as the two battery packs have the same cell count (ie. 6V/4800mA vs. 6V/2400mA)

Wolverine comes available in two different connector schemes;

Wolverine Standard Basic Wolverine Switch fitted with standard JR-style servo connector on 22AWG wires on both inputs and outputs
Wolverine Heavy Duty Basic Wolverine Switch fitted with Deans Ultra plug on 14AWG wires on both inputs and outputs

Fromeco Wolverine Dual Switches System, Std. Part No.: FWLVS-JR SALE: $65.00
Fromeco Wolverine Dual Switches System, Heavy Duty Part No.: FWLVS-DEAN SALE: $70.00

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