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  Tonegawa Seiko PS050 Servo
  Manufacturer: Tonegawa Seiko
  Prodcut: Tonegawa Seiko PS050 Mega Torque Servo
  Input Voltage Range: 4.8Vdc ~ 12Vdc
  Max. Output Torque: 1,800 oz.-in. @ 12 Vdc
  Speed: 0.14 sec. / 60 deg. @ 12 Vdc
  Weight: 13 oz.
  Dimensions: 2.98 1.75 3.16 in.
  Servo Connector: JR Style
  Power Connector: No Connect
  Oversized: No
In Stock

This is probably the most powerful servo applicable to our giant-scale RC application. Everything of this servo is about high power, mega-size application. For example, servo casing is made out of light weight die-cast aluminum; case assembly is water resistant, double large-diameter ball bearing support, dedicated power input for high torque generation; large output shaft for reliable high torque transfer. Tonegawa Seiko's superior design has earned it worldwide licenses and being used in various avionics and animation applications.

For our purpose of usage PS050 is an ideal choice when it comes to multi-servo rudder application in 40% scale or larger airplanes.

  • It generates enough torque to out perform four JR 8611A.
  • One PS050 weighs only a bit more than two JR8611A combined.
  • Big $$ saving; four JR8611A would cost you about $460 total.

Like many other servos of similar design, PS050 develops more speed and power in proportion to its input voltage. Granted Tonegawa Seiko rates PS050 up to 8.4Vdc on input, we have seen many successful cases where users bumped input supply to 12Vdc to obtain a monstrous 1,800 oz. in. of output torque. A word of caution for this type of non- standard practice. As more current is pumped into the servo motor, motor coil will also heat up quick which may result in inaccuraccy in positioning, or in the worst case motor failure. Proper cooling of the servo electronics (ie. cooling vents in servo casing) must be considered before attempt such operation. Although these are some actual examples of such application for PS050, AirWild in no way endorses or approves such 'outside the specifications' practice. This may also void all manufacturer warranty.

Following is some common power configurations for PS050:

Click to Enlarge View

Click to Enlarge View

To further leaverage PS050's monstrous power, AirWild Hobbies has designed specifically an adjustable double-truss aluminum servo arm, Uni-Arm Adjustable PS050, as an upgrade option. Uni-Arm PS050 replaces the standard nylon arms provided and greatly strengthen the servo arm to output shaft connection.

More information on Uni-Arm PS050 can be found here .

Tonegawa Seiko PS050 Servo Part No.: TSPS-050 SALE: $248.00
AirWild Uni-Arm Adjustable 5-inch Full Arm Tonegawa Seiko PS050 Part No.: AW60-113-01 SALE: $39.95

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